Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cyprus :: New York on January 22 - Page 4

Cyprus :: New York on January 22 - Page 4


...thanks Kikapu,

we are counting on Humanity's resolve; there is a Rule of Law.

...Mr. Ki-Moon knows who he is dealing with, nobody else bullies his security guards in New York. So far, this leader of the rest of us has shown that he is making agitations for change, he made mistakes by appearing too giving at first, in my opinion, but he shows through his patience that he is expecting from Cypriots the same realisation as his own: that first we represent ourselves as Individuals without discrimination, members of the Human Race. and, as Persons in Cyprus we have the rare and unique opportunity to change the world's political landscape by defining the word Bicommunal (and Bizonal).


this is not a "Greek"/ "Turkish" issue.

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