Friday, January 13, 2012

Occupy The Buffer Zone

. it is damned if you do, damned if you don't for the interlocutors.

they fear how much this movement will grow. it is not pie in the sky, it is easy to understand; there are "Greeks", there are "Turks", there are Cypriots. the public will start to recognise that their representation as citizens of a State called Cyprus for the last fifty years have been on their own track, that the debate is invalid, that their leadership have been struggling to maintain a balance of power which keeps us as adversaries within their control.

if the youth reject the thinking that they are from mutually exclusive sets, it may be possible for them to break the cycle of their exploitation as markets (and as taxpayers). they may realise the benefit of their cooperation and other notions which represent a way of life which ends their impotence, that they are a power which is loathed by the established order as it has been defined. don't forget that what was destroyed by the Problem was a society that was very socialised, able to sustain itself mostly as village dwellers without external influences, who identified with their land and not their culture. they may realise the value of the island, and its relationship to the geography which surrounds it, they may realise that the example that they represent may be emulated; something clearly, the interlocutors wish to stop.

do not despair, it is good news. we now know that these puny nobodies cannot be ignored, and that their idea is a dangerous thing to those who wish things stay the same. i hope and pray that the bonds between them will remain, and it is my opinion the forces against them have started something which will not stop. better for the powers that exist if they had coddled the protesters, and corrupted them, but soon it will be too late for that.

...i see flags of Cyprus driving around the whole island this summer, and not hundreds but thousands who will join them.

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