Saturday, January 21, 2012's the manifesto thingy, again

Dear Mr. Ki-Moon,

My hope is that you will consider the value of my thinking now that a way ahead will be proposed that serves a family far bigger than "Greek" or "Turk". My hope is that you will not forget the rest of us who place Universal Principals first. The world needs a definition for Bicommunal, and now the word Bizonal. At 55, I have spent the greater part of my life remembering (Cyprus), not to forget, and to act accordingly. With the revolution of the Information Age, I beg you to google, or blogspot, repulsewarrior; that's me.

That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.

...this much we know so far.

(at least) three governing bodies must exist for this agreement to fructify Identities for each.

In my Cyprus, the Bicommunal Bizonal Federation is defined by one Sovereign State representing me as an Individual, while there exists for these People (like me), as Persons, National Assemblies with Territorial Jurisdictions, to provide for them as Majorities a means to sustain this identity as well.

In my Cyprus, the Green Line becomes a frontier, no longer a border, because (at least for some), the displaced return as they left, as Communities. Enclaves, which pocket the whole island, offers this opportunity to Individuals by having real choices as Persons (, that will include some of the newly displaced,), with the possibility of more than two "zones" (including the needs of the Maronite and Armenian communities, Sovereignty never being a question), without tearing the fabric of the living around them, respectful to the reciprocal nature of their recognition for the special needs of the Minorities amongst them, inclusive because the diversity of each society (Turkish and Greek mostly) will expand island wide.

Cypriots rely on your abilities to remember that they may be the few in a wider complexity of the Problem, they, they need Good Governance based on the Principals of Free Association, Free Expression, Free Movement, and a Rule of Law.

Cyprus is an island. After all, it has never been but one, its Heritance dates back to the beginnings of Mankind, this wealth which is Humanity's cannot be dismissed, either.

Deciding as you will this July (now October), consider this: “Would Mr. Eroglu recognise Mr. Christofias as President of the Republic, if, Greeks as Persons were to found an equal form of self-representation as his own, separate from the Federal Government, but as distinctive (“Greek first, Turkish first”) in its leadership.”, lol.

Most Warmly, I Prey you have Good Guidance.

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