Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Cyprus :: Kibrislis Vs Settlers - Page 17#p709914

Cyprus :: Kibrislis Vs Settlers - Page 17#p709914

I have a question, why does the RoC allow the settlers to pass the check points firstly and why are we giving them jobs? If they are occupiers of our land and think they can stop a cypriot from enjyoing their Country fully and freely


...the Republic of Cyprus has no such luxury, it is a Free country where they do not represent just "Greeks", (and need i mention for a BBF to work Greeks should have their own National Assembly, like the Turks, so too Maronites, and Armenians), the Government, this one and in the future a Federal Government, to be credible, first is a representive of a wider Family, of Man. we all deserve the benefit of the doubt if we live respectfully, we are productive, and we follow the rules. a whole society cannot be dismissed because within this community there exists transients and malcontents; better exchange and dialog is essential to control a condition where such Individuals are identified, this comes from Goodwill. the north such days are eye-openers, people leaving, people staying, natural gaz, and more discontent from less money, we are expecting a summer that is hot when Turkey wails, it will be hard for the Kibrisli, harder even still without all Cypriots behind their resistence. but i am hoping for more humour than that, the flag thing has stuck now, i tell you it would be nice to see them flying from car antennas in convoys right round the island, that at least is something that would make them laugh.

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