Friday, March 30, 2012

Cyprus :: What does 'Enosis' mean to you, today? - Page 5#p711686

Cyprus :: What does 'Enosis' mean to you, today? - Page 5#p711686


you see vp, i/I fight for Cyprus. everyday i used to tend my trees, our trees were tended too.

were you here before the "fait accompli"? it is the "Greeks" and the "Turks" who have held their

debate without success, it is about time for the Greeks and Turks to create their own Agenda.

...but what do i know, coming from a "mixed" village.

enosis, better means, to mend. its meaning Historically changed over time. i take it to mean

the future as one. you, if you are a "Turk", take it to mean belonging to Greece, or belonging

to Turkey, as though this is correct thinking. i say as Cypriots we have the great distinction of defining

the words Nation and State more clearly, and demonstrating to the rest of Mankind a meaning for

the word, Bicommunal, (and now Bizonal), in a manner which can be held in high esteem by its emulation;

please read my manifesto, and need i remind you, your observations are important to me,

after all some of it came from your inspiration.

...don't make me your enemy, just because it seems, you can no longer ignore my attention; that's too easy.

dude, those PM's you sent long ago, do you remember sending them? what makes you think anything has changed,

you wanted to be freinds, and we were united with one idea, that Cyprus belongs to Cypriots, not "Greeks" and "Turks",

being Bicommunal, i say all Cypriots are Cypriots first when it comes to defending their State as Individuals, being

Bicommunal means, as well, National Assemblies, and being Bizonal means Territorial Jurisdictions, where Cypriots

by where they reside are Minorities or Majorities within an electorate of Persons (a National Assembly) so that through

their self-representation as Greeks, Turks, Maronites, Armenians, (Jews, British,) and Romes they can sustain a Living

Heritance with their respect and recognition for the "others" amongst them, while they vote as well for a Government

for their Republic, each citizen with one vote for the Betterment of Human Conditions. not dismiss the fact that "Greeks" and "Turks" are a set within larger circles of Greeks and Turks who in a wider sense are no different to the other Communities who can call Cyprus a Home. the debate as it is, is flawed. Mankind, as you say, 'gifted' Cyprus to Cypriots. only "Greeks" and "Turks", over this, express their discontent. "Turks" think they have the demographic stranglehold to leave Cyprus an impotent speck of geography like it was before the Treaty of Lausanne, i say Greeks and Turks, Maronites, etc. are headed toward extinction fast, and that the population of Cyprus is 12.5 million sooner than later.

...vp, things can't stay the same forever, Freedom for Cyprus, one Government one Country; Freedom for Cypriots, many National Assemblies.


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