Monday, March 26, 2012

Cyprus :: What does 'Enosis' mean to you, today? - Page 2#p711361

Cyprus :: What does 'Enosis' mean to you, today? - Page 2#p711361


Viewpoint wrote:

Viva la Enosis with Turkey.

...indeed, Cyprus and Turkey need to be allied, joined in a common cause. if the EU is a great experiment toward lasting peace, it is Turkey where a frontier is best established, so too Cyprus. enosis, as OP said, is not a bad word.

...your point is not well taken, perhaps, although it is ironically food for thought. "Greekness" (looking West) is taken as the Democratic Value where as Citizens we are equally involved in bettering our lives as a whole. "Turkishness" (looking East), i take to mean the Ottomans, who sucked the life out of the glorious Arabic civilization, and all its Peoples, not unlike their work ies stin poli, and Cyprus which became a backwater. certainly modern Turkey is not the ideal of Ataturk, it is the Kemalists who see people as Turkish from their "Turkishness", that fails this great State to benefit their Nation. i've said many times before vp, and i hope you think about it, this is not a Greek/Turkish issue, it is a not a "Greek"/"Turkish" issue either, it is a "Greek", "Turkish"/ Greek, Turkish issue.

we, being the vanguard vp, that is to say as a Citizen of the World, should act accordingly.

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