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Cyprus :: What would Enosis mean to the average Cypriot - Page 2#p712162

Cyprus :: What would Enosis mean to the average Cypriot - Page 2#p712162

Schnauzer wrote:

I think much would depend upon the determination of just how one would describe an 'Average Cypriot'.

Currently, it is a matter of whom the one who considers him/herself to be 'Greek Cypriot' and the one who considers him/herself to be 'Turkish Cypriot' feels more closely affiliated to, Greece or Turkey?.

Naturally (again currently) the unfortunate 'Political and Military' division that has been foisted upon the people of Cyprus, is bound to create a situation which renders the question posed almost impossible to answer.

Leaving aside the questions of 'Fairness' and 'Unfairness', the ONLY outcome of such a union, MUST result in another 'Springboard' for the 'Average Cypriot' to launch further abusive verbal attacks upon each other.

That is how 'Politics' works, ultimately the desires of the 'Average Cypriot' is of no consequence to either the 'Military or Political' leaders, therefore 'NOTHING' is what 'Enosis' might mean, actually it has always been like that for the 'Average Cypriot'. (imho)

...well said Schnauzer, thank-you.

...if we ignore the choice of Cypriots for a Union with Greece because it is a Greek island, it can only be a benefit to Mankind as a whole if these People are Sovereign to represent themselves, and to remain as the Stewards of their Heritance. by dividing it (and them) in two, as adversaries, that Green Line which started there and grew will again fester with so much harm. Imperialists Greece looks harmless, as the great Majority in Cyprus are subject to its Language. Turkey, on the other hand is stuck with the Treaty of Lausanne as an unfair loss of Property, and to her what comes next is of no consequence. England still insists on Sovereign Rights, and she too (i regret to say) remains a failed Guarantor. Cypriots, a great deal is asked of the people who are its dwellers; not "Greeks" but Greeks, not "Turks" but Turks (maybe Maronites, and Armenians, etc. too), defining Bicommunal and Bizonal so that it can be emulated throughout the world being held in such high esteem. is about time that enosis means the mending of one what is apart, only in a Modern, very Cypriot kind of way.

Freedom for Cyprus, Freedom for Cypriots too!

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