Friday, April 20, 2012

Cyprus :: Why is Cyprus Divided? - Page 3

Cyprus :: Why is Cyprus Divided? - Page 3


...Cyprus is divided because Turkey believes that it is property; the people are of no consequence. This they believe is a well founded fact based on the Principal of Law (before the Modern Age) when Cyprus was made English, thus she does not recognise the validity of the Treaty of Lausanne. The British of course demonstrate their Sovereignty as well, by example their rush to express this fact at Curium.

...Cypriots are divided by their mythic personas, reality will set in soon, we are passed the Modern Age.

...Cyprus is divided because of its geographic location. in an effort to continue the plunder of past ages, there are these efforts to possess "it". it does not matter the divide, it could be mostly "French", and a reason would be found to divide the minority from a Cypriot people, as "English", (or "German"), there would exist a Proxy War.

...Cypriots have not grasped what Bicommunal and Bizonal could mean. They are not prepared it seems to confront their fears to lead Mankind beyond the Nation as a State, where they are a State within which there are Nations.

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