Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Re: the new Greece (the new Europe)


kurupetos wrote:
repulsewarrior wrote:...another example where the Values of Europeans (read (if you like): the Values of "that" Greece which spawned them) need a definition based on their commitment to Universal Values. Maybe, the Greeks of today, wily as they are in distress will choose the way, once again. one hopes, from this corruption which rots no more grow new seeds, in the good earth below; this connection to Language may click, Greeks may become as they were that long time ago, facilitators of social-exchange, Greeks may choose to become transparent to many other Languages, without barriers, extrovert, to serve these Global partners, as Greeks to demonstrate their value and to demonstrate the power Greeks have toward communication; in the lingua franca, wake up reh, Greek is near extinction, it has to be useful to "others" to survive, others have to love Greece/"Greece" too.

RW your last paragraph is interesting although incorrect, because Greeks were never 'facilitators of social-exchange'. :roll: Have you never heard of 'Non-Greeks are barbarians'? :wink:

Who are the 'Global partners'? :? ...and why do you believe 'Greek is near extinction'? :? English today, "then", Greek was the language to learn if one was to trade; indeed, in this respect, those who were ignorant of "Greek" custom were Barbarians.

90% of the world's population is not English (as a mother-tongue), and yet 90% speak it. the great powers of the Information Age will be measured by the bits and bytes they can produce. i propose that some well situated Countries (or People) can take a word (in English, e.g.), and translate it many times over; do you see my point?

...the world's ethnosphere is shrinking at a faster rate than it's ecosphere; the threats of extinction for many many languages is imminent, Greek is no exception, unless as a Language, it is or will be used by "others". my proposal suggests that the function of language can be Modernised, although it requires a shift in thinking where there is a willingness to facilitate inclusiveness with learning a language, and where a Nation (read: State) engages to demonstrate this ability, globally.

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