Saturday, September 29, 2012

Turkish Cypriot leader: We will drill offshore | WSLS 10

Turkish Cypriot leader: We will drill offshore | WSLS 10

...260,000 Muslim Turkish Cypriots live in the north?

hardly. by their own "census" it is far less, and needless to say citing a bigger figure includes the illegal settlers from Turkey, and the Army, in her design of making Cypriots, whether Greek or Turkish, subject to their terms.

@ Mr. Eroglu, why not stand-up for the Federal Republic as a Cypriot, ask, where is the Greek Constituency if there is a Republic and a Turkish Constituency? is Cyprus a Greek State, because the vast majority of its History and Population are Greek? or, is there a Cypriot State, because not as Persons, but as Individuals its Citizens stand united toward defending Universal Principals?

Territorial Jurisdictions could be settled as an internal matter; Bicommunal means an indivisible whole having parts (at least three governing bodies, if not one), it cannot mean simply dividing the island in two. Bizonal, as a geographic context is the same.

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