Saturday, February 07, 2015

Cypriots deserve more than a divided country, says President


...what is needed is a Greek Constituency, a representation where Greeks speak as Greeks. It would not be hard, therefore, for the President of the Republic to speak for us as Cypriots. Truly, if it is a BBF that represents our way forward, something is missing. There should be no equal to the Republic, who can disagree, that the Flag of Cyprus should fly highest?

...if as equals Cypriot Constituencies can represent their distinct identities, at another level of government, as Persons, such territorial jurisdictions will demonstrate respectively, the respect and recognition Cypriots afford to the minorities, as majorities, who live amongst them.

That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.

...count them, there must be at least three governing bodies; think about it.

“Cyprus and its citizens deserve much more than a divided country,”

...whether it is President Anastasiades who said it or not, this much is true, and i suggest for the benefit of Cyprus, (an equal to Mr Eroglu could be found) he should not have to wear two hats as he does at the moment

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