Saturday, February 14, 2015

Re: about the missing, worth mentioning...

. any case, it was a sad fate for all the missing, and murdered in '63, and in '74, all of them were stripped of their identity as people who were close to their land, Cypriots; denied this singular identity because, our choices have made us adversaries in "solving" the Problem as "Greeks"/"Turks". There is Hope however, because Cypriots still exist, and because there is reason. I understand Lordo's reticence toward saying sorry for this or sorry for that, afraid that if he asks, someone will deny him his pain. Maybe not, there is a thin line between empathy, and the propaganda tools babies in the bathtub have become. I suggest something new, a better intention, in acts for Cyprus, as Cypriots, because beyond this "Greekness", or "Turkishness", there is something decent, better, in recognising an equality that has been respected here for thousands of years, no less, but more a reflection of the Modern Age which has passed, and the Information Age begun.

...every case was/is different, as we've demonstrated, the Army, irregulars, profiteers, Greek, Turkish, who knows the variables, what really happened, and it is quite obvious that the "Leadership' does not want anyone to know what really happened either, this is the frame of mind in which our bitterness grows. Everything, indeed, exists to tear us apart, think about it, except there is the fact, a will to exist, Free, as Cypriots. Yet, the only Justice which can exist for these dead, is if we the living defend each other: against those who's pleasure is gained from this misery they cause; not by choosing a "side" (because whatever side is chosen is "theirs"), but by choosing to stop, "this". Courts of Justice demonstrate a physical recourse to some degree, one says there is blame, there is an issue, the other, that Turkey takes the blame and offers a recourse for compensation. So far, here we are, waiting for a solution from the top so to speak, something like compensation for the Heritance involved as Property, and a Commission starved of the information it needs to conclude its Mission successfully.. 

Most importantly, are our own actions, for those "they" would rather we forget, go ahead this summer, at the beach, and when making your souvla, fly a Flag of Cyprus for the fun of it, plant this staff in the ground, in honour of this memory, all the memories, celebrate for those who fell, because they stayed, so that we can be Free.

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