Monday, February 09, 2015

A declaration of independence


That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.

Let us make it clear that a Bicommunal Bizonal Federation can secure the Rights of Individuals, the Freedom which defines them as a State, and as well, at another level of Government, the equality of Cypriot Constituencies, where such a set of electorates, as Persons, will have the Liberty to demonstrate as a majority respectively, their recognition and respect for the minorities that live amongst them while serving an Agenda which in their daily lives sustains their distinct identity.

...count them, three (at least), governing bodies. 

Many Flags can fly internally, but only one flag defines them as a whole, the people, as Cypriots. It is in my mind not hard to understand that the debate as it is framed is flawed. 

Where is the Greek Constituency? Why not other Cypriot Constituencies? Is the debate an issue of what is "Turkish", and what is not "Turkish" (read: "Greek")? I ask because at present it seems that way. Why not the same respect for the larger Ethnos which is Cyprus? If we defend each other, what of the equal need of the Maronite, Armenian and Latin (dare i say the British, too)? Why not unanimity when they speak of 'their' needs? And beyond these National Assemblies, and the territorial components that make up such jurisdictional zones, why not a voice as Cypriots, for Cypriots, and Cyprus, where Cypriots as Cypriots decide? 

...again i repeat myself, a Republic of Cyprus exists. But no equal exists to the Turkish enterprise of having a voice which in their daily life is not overwhelmed by a population far greater than their own. This issue, in my mind cannot be ignored. (i would like to remind us all that the world's ethnosphere is threatened by extinction to a greater degree than the threat to our ecosphere.) More importantly, as Citizens of the World, we cannot deceive ourselves into thinking that things should stay the way they are, nor are we doing a service to the rest of Humanity if we ignore a Heritance far more complex, and, it is as Cypriots that we can demonstrate the Modern thinking that will take us beyond the subjugation of having "belonged" to Turkey (or that by being Greek demographically, we must be "Greek") , and beyond the plunder of cutting Cyprus up like a piece of meat, in two.

I would like to see Mr. Eroglu stand with the Flag of Cyprus beside him because that would be a great step forward, as well as courageous, like a great statesman, when he puts this challenge, to the missing counterpart(s) he seeks, at the negotiation table. Who puts the Flag of Cyprus higher? Where is an equal, who will talk of the needs of Greeks? Where are his equals to sit as Constituencies and speak? (It would be nice if the President of the Republic of Cyprus did not wear two hats so to speak, he would not sit at that table.) It would be nice if they could speak as one, for Cyprus, when they invited the President to their table, and toward Constitutional Reform. 

...well, my bit, M. Alper, toward your appeal which i am looking forward to because i hope it will be helpful, not just to the "Greeks" and "Turks" in Cyprus, but to the rest of us who see ourselves as Cypriots, and Human beings, who understand that there are bigger enemies than each other, Lest we Forget, toward applying our Hate, in a manner where we better ourselves. And i suggest that similarly in Turkey, if a Greek Constituency exists in Cyprus, so too with great effect can a Turkic Constituency, there: it is something i hope you will think about, most respectfully, cheers!


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