Friday, May 22, 2015

Re: cyprus talks to resume may 15,2015


BBF in my mind is not that hard to understand,

As an Individual, you have an equal vote to any other Citizen, you vote as an Individual, as a Cypriot, there is no other distinction or discrimination. The Federal Government will be represented by whichever Leader wins a majority, based on Universal Principals. Its (this Government's) influence is exclusive in some matters, it provides the guidance that all Constituencies must equally respect and recognise, in all others.

As a Person, you have an equal vote as an elector, and by your choice of residence you will take the perspective of a Majority, or Minority, within a Constituency having as an Agenda, a distinct identity to sustain. All Cypriot Constituencies being equal, it (will be) is because there is a State where it is Freedom that is secured without compromise, and in this Liberty toward effecting our daily lives we choose to, respectfully.

...therefore, Zonally, geographically speaking, it is not hard to imagine a single country, a People because as Individuals they defend each other as such, where the people themselves define the relationship they have with its regions by there own perspective as Persons. Frankly, such thinking is useful in Cyprus, for Cypriots however they choose to see themselves, it is what holds a country like Canada together in any case, it would be just as useful in Turkey if you ask me, for the same reasons, and there are many conflicts which can find a resolution with these intentions (BBF) politically.

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