Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Turkey is the bad actor on Cyprus


...I ask, is the Flag of Turkey a Turkic flag? Is the Flag of the U.S.A. a German flag (or an English flag)? What makes the Flag of Cyprus any different? These flags represent a State based on Universal Principals which they are committed to defend without distinction or discrimination. Indeed, the Flag of Cyprus is not a "Greek" flag, what of the Kurds, or the Alevi, in Turkey?

...time for Turkey to end its stagnation, to mature, to confront its own fears. Perhaps, with its own Constitutional Reforms it should consider a BBF model: one Turkey which represents its Citizens as Individuals, and at another level of Government a set of Turkish Constituencies where as electors and as Persons each sustain a distinct identity as a majority which respects and recognises the minorities that live among them by being closer to the taxes they pay.

Mr. Biden said it best when he said, "but one". Cyprus, Cypriots, exist.

Like in Turkey, Cypriots are not merely "Turks", and not "Turk" (read: "Greek"); also a truth worth remembering.

Frankly, the "Turks" in Turkey should be careful what they are asking for in Cyprus, lest in succeeding it will lead to the break-up of their own country.

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