Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wide condemnation of US ambassador’s comments

. is as Cypriots that Cypriots must take back the issue.

Indeed, the issue is not about invasion and occupation, these are the results of the Problem, where Cypriots have been divided by a set of interlocutors who all agreed, what was practical for "them", then. And in having allowed themselves to be framed as such, Cypriots, their representation as such, as Individuals, is dysfunctional, and their representation as Persons can only be adversarial. Who are the "they" i ask who divide us, now? Us, obviously; we are not "Greeks" or "Turks", except as two of more than two Cypriot Constituencies. Cypriots, for allowing this debate to be framed as opponents endure a proxy war, what is "Turkish" what is "not Turkish" (read:"Greek"). Who is to blame if we know, the sooner we stop "this", the better. The sooner we choose to identify ourselves as one, the better. The sooner we say to ourselves, "I love Cyprus, first", the sooner we will act lovingly toward each other. So, the issue is about the corruption, as Human beings what we are willing to endure, what "we" call Ignorance, I'll add: Lest We Forget.

Indeed, a look inward is necessary, so too new thinking to take us beyond the Modern Age, because it is as Cypriots we have Freedom, without which there is no Liberty where it is/will be possible to choose a distinct identity and sustain it. Cyprus has an ethnos, as Cypriots we can choose to sustain it, and to give it an opportunity to grow. Cyprus is not Greek (if anything Greek is Cypriot). To Cypriots, Cyprus was, and still is Cypriot. Tearing Cyprus in two is anathema to the other half as i like to call Cypriots who do not identify themselves firstly as "Greek" or "Turk". And in that sense Cypriots are bicommunal because as Individuals there is no distinction or discrimination, and as Persons there is respect and recognition.

...a Greek Constituency is needed, so that politically, Cypriots are Free to consider the Universal Principals which as Cypriots they stand united to defend; makes sense, counter intuitive perhaps, but think about it. At another level of government, Cypriot Constituencies will provide self expression to the daily needs of its electors, not just as Grecophone, Turcophone, etc., but as majorities who through their own Goodwill, and Goodfaith, provide for the minorities that live among them.

This Ambassador's view is very different to that of Mr. Biden it seems. But, isn't that what makes America so great, its diversity? Something to think about because like Canada, the USA, both are BBFs, and as populations, have no problem calling themselves Canadians, or Americans; after such a long career, i can't imagine the bitterness this man feels with the fact that as yet, the Problem remains.

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