Saturday, June 11, 2016

Anastasiades to reconstitute National Council


If these men wish to challenge an adversary that is "Turkish", then let them remember the lessons they should have learned from the past: what is "Greek" is no different. And that as Turkish, Greek and Arabic speaking people, we can, with this intention, defend each other as Cypriots. We can accept the Flag which represents "us", the Flag of Cyprus; they should make the effort to stand beside it respectfully for this common cause more often, these men, they can i strongly suggest as a sign of good will, open themselves to a new National Anthem, which is Cypriot.

Cypriot Constituencies is what is on the table. If these men want a National Council that is "Greek", they should expect with Cyprus' diversity that other National Councils would naturally exist. If they are better politicians than that, they should expect, with an end to the Problem (at least) three "National Councils" may exist, but one will be superior to the rest. They must choose for who they stand if they are Cypriots, now.

...beyond their "Greekness"", i am hoping that these men will demonstrate that Cyprus, not Greece, comes first, and that as Greeks, "being" Greek, does not mean more to them than being Cypriot.

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