Thursday, September 15, 2016

‘Dream solution’ of a federal Cyprus


...we are near a solution, we hope at least.

...wish I was there, Mr. Alper; I hope to be reading about the lecture in any case, hope it is well received.

...indeed, Cyprus is the template, where, if perfect, its emulation in Turkey, another country in need of Constitutional reform, in need of a solution like a BBF, would be enriching. One Flag flies highest in Turkey, where one does not imagine a Turkey broken apart. One Flag in Cyprus, likewise on the same basis. Cypriot Constituencies can exist within a Federal Republic, at another level of Government, Turkish Constituencies in the same manner can exist, too.

...minority rights, what a majority means, and the willingness to defend each other without distinction or discrimination as a whole, all have to be defined, (in Cyprus). Along with the words Freedom and Libert(ies)y, State and Nation(s), Individual and Person(s), Equality and Equal(s), quite beyond Left and Right, or "Greek" and "Turk", there is, a Cypriot way which when realised one hopes all Humanity will gain from its clarity; an end to the Problem, meanings for these words held in high esteem, and engaged.

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