Monday, September 19, 2016

In defence of the Federal Republic of Cyprus


...warm winds are blowing in the hearts of Cypriots it seems, what with these comments from Mr. Alper, and those just recently of another contemporary, Michalis Attalides in another paper.

At this juncture i will add that a Turkish Constituency does not preclude the existence at a future date of other Cypriot Constituencies. As a set of Cypriot Constituencies, "Turk"/ not "Turk", does not well define the Cypriot ethnos. My hope at this point, is that the framers of the Constitutional reforms we need have considered that with the success of this Constituency, a Turkish Constituency, the others may find in having self-representation as Persons, the same benefit.

While there exists a Cypriot Government, which can reform itself, and a Turkish Constituency, let us be clear, they are only equally committed to the Universal Principals all Humans hold dear, they are not equals. An equal to the Turkish Constituency would be (an) other Cypriot Constituencies as active toward sustaining as Persons a distinct identity. Until the Greek community in Cyprus, or the Arab speaking, Latins, (or English), as Persons, express the same commitment to their National identities through Assembly, as Turkish Cypriots, there will be no equal to the Turkish Constituency; much depends on their success, if from their success, it is emulated.

Grecophones may represent an overwhelming majority, but the point is mute. Unitary or Federal, this Government, of the Republic, can have no equal, in any case, just as Freedom has no equal. Although futuristically, a set of Cypriot Constituencies, in unanimity perhaps, could represent an equally powerful voice, toward driving, then, Constitutional change, at present Grecophones do not have the same needs, better ways to execute their needs, is and should still be a concern to them. Canada, for example, Canadians find strength in their diversity, one Canada exists to and for all Canadians, and while many National elements compose the Canadian mosaic, (not just French/English, not just Native/White, not just North/South) it is a melting pot within these contexts as well; something to think about. While Cypriots, as Greeks, may see themselves as a part of a vast majority, or, as Turks, a part of a minority, a minority within its own confines, is a majority where they, likewise, can demonstrate a recognition and respect for their own minority's special needs. In Cyprus, needless to say minority rights, will take on a greater importance; it will have to work both ways. And, like in Canada, this open-mindedness, a welcoming presence, that you do not have to be "Greek" to be Greek, or "Turkish" to be Turkish, offers to Citizens of Cyprus what should be, a limitless potential to become facilitators for social-exchange at the cross-road to three continents, and in many languages: they have only to choose.

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