Sunday, December 18, 2016

Embracing the second Cypriot republic


...for Cyprus, "interested parties" can stand with Cyprus, for Cyprus.

While Turkey will seek to isolate Cypriot interests, by identifying them as, "Greek", Erdogan will be seeking more as his tribute, than Cyprus, one way or the other, from the EU; this is what is likely.

Indeed, while there are two significant Constituencies in Cyprus, (and it has been divided as such,) Cyprus is an ethnos, it is something more, it is not "Turkish", and not "not Turkish", it is neither "Greek", and not "Greek". In effect, politically speaking, Cyprus is a template for Turkey's own Constitutional reform, because the Cyprus Problem is Turkey's problem, it is Turkey's National issue; a Cyprus united is a Turkey united, for the same reasons that a Cyprus divided is a Turkey divided.

A BBF in Turkey is not anathema to Erdogan's designs for a "new Turkey", if beyond the State, and the Individuals it counts as Citizens, as Turks, Individuals may decide to nurture one of a set of distinct identities, a set of Turkish Constituencies, by residing in such a Jurisdictional territory, as Persons, (an equal, a voter; a part of, a "majority" and a "minority") within such an electorate.

...but I am expecting something quite different from Erdogan, something more than what the world has witnessed of him as a Statesman already, especially if there is a big audience that will spur him on in Geneva, not just Greece and Britain, if along with the EU, friends, of Cyprus, like Egypt, Israel, Kuwait, Jordan, America, Russia, China, Italy, Germany and France, are there, he will have a choice, that instead of being the "but one", by joining with them for Cyprus, he may have everything he wishes, with this change of intentions. By shaking President Anastasiades' hand, as the President of the Republic of Cyprus, he secures an ally (Turkey's equal as an adversary over fifty years). He secures the esteem of all the "interested parties" there. By recognising Cyprus, he can say, "one Cyprus, one Turkey". He will gain as much esteem domestically, as he will internationally, if this hope can be carried to the ethnos Turkey can no longer deny it is, without itself being torn in two (or three, or more).

Geneva is bigger than Cyprus, as is the Problem. It will be for Akinci to take the crucial step, to be a Cypriot, to stand for the electorate who voted for him, or in tearing it in two, serve the interests of those who voted against him. And it may be that for Peace as such, in Cyprus and in his own country Erdogan may make History accepting such a Modern notion, a BBF, which has made great countries, Canada and the USA for example, with good intentions, and in so doing creating his own Legacy, as a Citizen of the World, that the same notion for his country may also spread through out the Eastern Mediterranean, where countries like Syria, and Iraq, struggle with the same issue of identities, in effect their People being Bicommunal themselves, a life as Individuals, living as Persons as well.

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