Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1 home, 2 owners: Cyprus deal to decide future of displaced



...a Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided. One Flag in Turkey, One Flag in Cyprus; it is not hard to understand.

Cypriots should look to Canada when they want to look at a successful BBF (Bicommunal Bizonal Federation), its politics are interesting because it represents the kind of Mosaic as Persons, Cypriots, as Individuals, are looking for. Of course, Cypriots may look south, to the Melting Pot, for another, that is the USA, perhaps the greatest representation of a successful BBF there is, although the EU is at its advent.

...imagine, in the USA, it divided as is suggested by the wants of its minorities, so that they gain an exclusivity to Democracy in a territory defined by force and occupation. Imagine a USA where, forces like the USA, other countries, may act without prejudice, in the USA. Imagine that Cypriots do not want to live this way.

It is not a question of "Greeks" vs "Turks", though, the Problem, is framed that way. It is an issue of Sovereignty. Cyprus exists, its People, Cypriots, exist, despite much effort over decades to deny them this Justice. Let us not forget them, those who, for the most part, were murdered, or who were made to disappear; although they were killed by "Greeks" and "Turks", they were, not "Greeks", or, not "Turks", they died for "being" Cypriot.

Let us remember, "deals" aren't made on Universal Principals, although we can seek to better them, anything else is a betrayal.

One hopes, that on the twelfth, Mr. Erdogan, on such an historic day, with the world's eyes, and his electorate, upon him, does not shirk, again, an opportunity to join the rest of the world, to recognise, beyond a personage, colour or ethnicity, joy in a loving nature.

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