Friday, January 20, 2017

Why is the West selling out Cyprus?


...the dirty deal i imagine will be the betrayal "Turks" will feel, those living in Cyprus at least, when Erdogan says, "One Turkey, One Cyprus"; for a "new Turkey", by recognising that a Cyprus exists, that "they" are Cypriots.

It is not Mdme. Nuland, in charge, in this case, Erdogan is, truly, "but one". Turkish or not, these souls, in Cyprus, when he decides, will demonstrate once again their willingness to submit themselves, for "Turkishness", and for him, they will agree, to be Cypriots; they will be the ones watching silently, (for a greater Turkey) while the Cypriots among them express their joy. Even the water and the electricity (which no longer "belongs" to them) will be "gifted" to Cyprus, and the People of Cyprus; these as reparations and redress, as a sign of Goodwill. other choice really exists, naturally. With Cyprus as a template, one Turkey, its Citizens, Individuals; without distinction or discrimination, prepared to defend each other: is Freedom. And within, as Persons, Turkish Constituencies; distinct identities, which Citizens may choose to nurture: is Liberty.

A BBF in Turkey, not unlike a BBF in Cyprus, cannot be reasonably refused.

...intentions count. Consider the USA, and Canada, two examples that represent successful countries politically speaking; both BBF. Peace in Cyprus, and in Turkey, would be hopeful, to say the least.

...if we (read: the rest of the world) betray Cyprus, if we ignore that Cypriots exist, if we allow "Turkishness" to gain this superiority above what is not "Turkish", we betray ourselves; it will not end there.

There are no "deals" on Universal Principals. Lest we Forget.

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