Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Column: ‘Without Cyprus, Turkey would drown’


...we cannot forget who were murdered, and who were made to disappear in Cyprus; not "Greek", not "Turkish", for the most part, although most certainly dead at the hands of one, they died for "being" Cypriot. And, despite the efforts to dismiss such a notion, after decades, Cypriots remain, Cypriots Greek, and Cypriots Turkish, still exist, the other half as i like to say; it is something to think about.

...worst is the outcome of a Cyprus divided; a Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided. Indeed, Turkey drowns, without an end to the Problem; one Flag in Turkey is easy to understand, with one Flag in Cyprus. Here, in Cyprus, exists the germ of the idea that will make a "new Turkey", one Turkey, its Constitutional reform, a State, (a BBF), Freedom, and, for these Citizens as Persons, Liberty; within Turkey, Turkish Constituencies. Easy to accept, being Turkey's National issue, for its majority, if there is a lasting Peace with its 'minorit(ies)y'.

...dividing Cyprus is like asking Solomon to divide a living child; nothing good can come of it.

Turkey is "but one"; this can be true on many levels: also something to think about.

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