Friday, January 05, 2018

Cyprus intends to safeguard its EEZ, says foreign minister


The nail hit right on the head, as far as I can see. seems that what has been said by Mr. Anastasiades is quite clear, to me.

Cypriots as Cypriots share in the wealth that is Cyprus, and if not, then Turkey must decide, given that they are the "but one" in international politics to believe there exists a "Greek" Cyprus, what are their motives in making such a claim.

...I ask, who are the "Turks" in Turkey? What is "Turkishness" and Turks (read: not "Turks"), has divided them in their own country as it has in Cyprus for decades. Thus, in such an atmosphere, Turkish Cypriots have suffered the most as Turks; "being" Turkish, not "Turk", in Cyprus, as Cypriots almost entirely muted.

Cyprus exists. Mr. Erdogan may with a small change in intentions, decide differently for Turkey, and for Turks. As it is, adversarially speaking over the years, he has offered only his threats, and meddling, which have been ignored, given the success Cyprus has had in moving the Eastern Mediterranean progressively, through the Tripartite Agreements, toward the safe, and rational exploitation of this wealth.

Indeed, he, may recognise Cyprus (and end as well, this Problem,) as a State, like his own in need of Constitutional Reform; that there is one Cyprus like there is one Turkey, that the People of Cyprus are Cypriots, that Greek in Cyprus, like Turkish in Turkey, is not anathema to his cause for Turkey, (for greatness as a Statesman,) for respect on this wider International stage. He may offer hope to Turks, by ending "this", the "Turks" may feel betrayed.

There is in effect this choice before him, for the benefit of Turkey, too.

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