Sunday, January 14, 2018

Malas highlights the challenges of reaching a solution


...why is it important for Universities to organise themselves for the needs of Cyprus and Cypriots?

...while there may exist different Hospital Systems, how do they benefit from standards a Federal Government will make? does he propose to make profitable venture possible among Cypriots, despite the divide (of prejudice from those "Turkish", and dare i say it "Greek"), for the benefit of Cypriots?

...and how about a consolidation in the Tourist industry, so that Cypriots can compete effectively (as an island destination)? Thus, i ask, where there are Turkish Cypriots in this Industry in the occupied north, why not support them? That by differentiating this choice, visitors might have access to them, and choose them? Against the illegal exploitation (by exposing such Hotels unqualified) would those qualified receive the same support, from his Government, toward promoting Tourism, in Cyprus, as other Cypriot Hoteliers?

These are some of the questions i would like Mr. Malas to answer.

...does he dare to offer Akinci an Airport; if visitors are greeted in Turkish first, as a Cypriot would he be willing to stand under the Flag of Cyprus, for that?

...what of the AKEL connection? Where are the Flags of Cyprus by the working class, flown both sides of the Green Line; that would be nice wouldn't it, as a demonstration of support?

The issue of Cyprus is being sidestepped, as it was last week in the elections held in the occupied part of Cyprus, "being" a Cypriot, what that is, was not discussed; only money, finance, and of course the corruption that must be stopped.

It may be early in this election bid, but nothing new has been said yet; differentiating the candidates without new thinking on the real issue in Cyprus, the Problem, only invites a low turnout at the polls, and more cynicism. Without leadership of this kind, with the future in mind, a Cyprus, what is expected?

Hope is needed. Needed beyond "Greek" candidates and "Turkish" candidates, representation that is Cypriot, for Cyprus, a vision as a President of Cyprus, is what is needed from this election for Cypriots, indeed, to ultimately win, all Cypriots.

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