Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Our View: UBP victory in north defied cronyism concerns



...half, or more than half support a Cyprus for Cypriots. We see in the results this affect, with so many who chose not to vote.

How different the results would have been if there were candidates who had the courage to say:
...I am Turkish, I am no "Turk", I am Cypriot; to debate those, who see themselves' differently.

Mr. Akinci, and/or his Party, I hope, have learned a lesson from this. While internal issues are important, there is no shame in being Cypriot. Nor for their President to be a Statesman who speaks to and of Cypriots for Cyprus. Cypriots, his electorate expect this, from him and those who claim they represent this ideal. And I imagine their support would extend among all Cypriots, Greek or Turkish, if they were willing to stand under the Flag of Cyprus, against those not Cypriots, call them "Greeks" and "Turks".

Under these circumstances a real debate for Cyprus would challenge the minds of those who like it the way it is. A BBF not that different to what suits Cypriots may suit Turks. I will go so far to say, (that if Turkish Cypriots end the Problem in Cyprus with its reform Constitutionally as Cypriots,) Turkey in its Constitutional reform may find in one Cyprus, one Turkey. Mr. Akinci has about a year to make a real change to the course of dialog Turks have, and as Cypriot. That as Turks, representing themselves' as Cypriots, it offers hope to Turks in Turkey, what with the way both are divided today for/by "Turkishness".

...I ask, if a Republic of Cyprus exists, why not a Greek Constituency?
(what is the equal to a Turkish Constituency?)
...just saying.

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