Monday, March 02, 2015

Cyprus reunification: the Arab Spring and natural gas game changers


Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin come to mind when i think of "People power". I will be watching for them, for the fourth (or is it fifth) time, on April 13, if they will be denied Justice, again. They fly the Cyprus Flag, because, they are Cypriots. Yet this is denied them by no Law, but by a Court which will not Rule. And a media which denies what is clear to these two Citizens, that Cyprus exists, so too Cypriots. That whatever solution to the Problem is found, it is for them, the other half if you will, who are not "Greek", or "Turkish", who deserve this respect and recognition.

Like the Flag of Turkey, the Flag of Cyprus, stands for Universal Principals, they are equals. I ask, isn't Turkey made up of something more than a Turkic Constituency? I ask, if there was a Turkic Constituency within a set of Turkish Constituencies, in Turkey, could they define what are their equal needs toward sustaining, as Persons, their distinct identities?

Given this need in Cyprus, and in Turkey, for Constitutional reform, Canada comes to mind as a successful Bicommunal society, because the People secure their Freedom by defending each other, as Individuals, while their Liberty allows for this Freedom, as Persons. Canada is a Bizonal Federation too, because it is the Flag of Canada which flies highest, everywhere, despite their diversity and there being many flags, a Canada exists, its Citizens as Canadians are Sovereign, and it is they who represent themselves as such, in their Federal Government; yet, there are many Provinces, which prosper from their own self-representation as National Assemblies, too.

Unless one imagines Turkey is better off torn in pieces, I suggest, for the same reasons it is hard to imagine Cyprus torn in two.

It would be nice if Mr. Eroglu (or, with elections so soon, the next Leader of the Turkish Constituency) stood in front of the Flag of Cyprus when he speaks, that would be quite a challenge, for Cypriots as a whole, a change of intention if he asked, not for the President of the Republic of Cyprus to sit with him and negotiate, but his equals, the Leadership of the other Cypriot Constituencies, (because no Greek Constituency exists,) because their needs as Communities are equal, and as equals, i imagine, at this point, they could speak in unanimity about their position toward these needs, so that upon their presentation to the President, with his charge, toward the State, this Government may take their consideration toward its own reform.

...i remind you, Cyprus is a template, because it is a good representation of Free Will, and the population is small. Tsipras is a strange phenomena in Politics, where as a Greek, the first to congratulate his win were a Kurdish Turk, and a Turkish Cypriot, both called him their "brother". "Turks" in Turkey, should be careful how they wish to define what is not "Turkish" (enough), (at home, and) in Cyprus. A good thing for Turkey, is Cyprus (an equal, and) an ally

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