Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cyprus: a time for fresh thinking?


Cyprus exists, so too Cypriots, not for hundreds, but for thousands of years. Everyone knows this, as Mr. Biden said, “but one”. Cypriots are neither “Greek”, or “Turkish”, they are Individuals who want the Freedom, the respect and dignity that any other People enjoy while defending Universal Principals. They are the other half of this debate who do not want the island torn in two. They are ignored so long as the Problem remains an issue of “Turkishness”, and the rest, not Turkish.
Because the issue is about Liberty (it should not be about Freedom), and given that the great compromise is a BBF, i suggest that it is the Constituencies that need to find their common ground, with themselves, that the Republic is better served if in unanimity, they present to it, their consideration toward Reform; but there is no Greek Constituency. To be more accurate, there are no Cypriot Constituencies, Maronites, Armenians, and Latins, deserve the same capacity, having the same and equal need.
If dialog is to be promoted, between the Turkish Constituency and the Greek Constituency, it is possible, if Bicommunal (and Bizonal) is defined to mean, a level of government for Cypriots, as Cypriots, Individuals for Cyprus, and a level of government which has a set of Constituencies, where by their choice of residence, Cypriots sustain distinct identities as Persons, then there is Freedom, and Liberty.
…i would like the readership to recall that the Flag of Turkey, and the Flag of Cyprus are equal because of the Universal Principals that they stand for. I ask, if the Flag of Turkey represents something more than a Turkic Constituency, what of the refusal to recognise the Flag of Cyprus as something no more than “Greek”? With Turkey’s need for Constitutional reform, without wanting Turkey divided into its parts, they should be more careful what they ask for from Cypriots.

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