Sunday, March 01, 2015

Cyprus – Russian Link and IS Extremism


...thank-you Greek Reporter, a well thought out, comprehensive piece.

It may be that President Anastasiades is a person who expresses his feelings more openly than most, much to the discomfort of the more discreet at this level of politics. Yet, if he is seeking to be the facilitator of dialog, it may be that Cyprus gains from this universal appeal, as an ally. We see in Cyprus' efforts to promote good relations within her sphere of influence progressing, with the Cairo accord, that links Egypt, Greece, Israel, and Cyprus to efforts that secure the rational development of the sea's underwater resources. Cyprus demonstrates its skill at facilitating exchange, what with its Maritime Registry, its Rule of Law, Education and Banking sectors. Its relations with Syria, and Lebanon, no doubt can play a role for progress.

In any case, these same agreements, for safe Harbour, exist between Cyprus and other countries, like China, USA, France, etc. I will add, in terms of regional safety, few sites represent a better place from which help can come quickly. This too, is an issue of International importance in which progress is achieved through social-exchange. If it is necessary to have so many warships in the Eastern Mediterranean, then let us hope they practice saving lives, together, what with the Human traffic over this sea. Having them share the benefit of water, and shelter, is a good first step, i say, Cypriots are good hosts this way.

Europe, one hopes will feel strong enough to confront the Problem sooner, than late.

One also hopes that as a Union they will defend the existence of the Republic, without apology, whether within it there exists at another level of government, Constituencies or not. The idea that Cypriots are only, "Turkish" or not "Turkish", must stop. At least it should not be denied that in effect, Cypriots exist, and it does not depend on the colour of their skin or their ethnic origin. Europe must make it clear, the difference between defining People as Individuals, and as Persons. Europe must provide the guidance the rest of the world needs by demonstrating an ability to integrate Citizens, without their assimilation. And in the case of Cyprus, to deny those who think it is a good idea to divide it in two, because like Solomon's baby Cyprus lives, is also a good idea.

Turkey has the same Problem, if you ask me. It too would benefit from Constitutional Reform where there existed a Turkic Constituency, at another level of government, not unlike any other Constituency, an equal, within a set of Turkish Constituencies, where people choose to live freely, with the liberty to sustain each's distinct identity. in Cyprus, one Flag flies over Turkey, neither represents a Nation per se, but a State which defends Universal Principals. Canada comes to mind when one thinks of a successful BBF, Turkey is the Problem in Cyprus, Europe has a very important role to play.

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