Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stand up for federalism


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I stress the commitment made by Koray Basogrultmac─▒ and Cinel Senem Husseyin, to fly the Flag of Cyprus outside their shop in Famagusta. More of us should demonstrate the same commitment, in the same way. It is "legal" now to fly this flag anywhere on the island, because of them.
What of our Leadership, when they glance out their window, what is the message we the people send to them, without this pride? If we love this island, if we are its steward, we must be willing to defend each other for this cause. We are not "Greeks" or "Turks" in that regard, we are Cypriots.
Time has come, after more than fifty years of Turkish Foreign Policy, and its failure with the Annan Plan, Cypriots still have the hope that their voice will be heard, like anywhere else in the world, they seek to measure themselves as Individuals, based on merit. Whether a set of Cypriot Constituencies exist or not, at another level of Government, this Liberty, for Persons, does not compare to Freedom, or the Universal Principals, the identity "Cypriot" represents, without further distinction or discrimination.
It is up to us, to fly that flag, the Flag of Cyprus, higher, now. It is what our leaders need to see beyond themselves as federal citizens too. It is up to us to fly that flag, the Flag of Cyprus, so that we can see beyond ourselves, doing so, we do not stand alone.

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