Monday, February 15, 2016

Maronites want villages under Greek Cypriot control after a solution


Cyprus is an Ethnos, it is neither "Greek"(read: not "Turkish), or "Turkish". Cyprus is Bicommunal because as People, we see ourselves as Individuals, and as Persons. A Cypriot State must exist. Cypriot Constituencies may exist (two have been identified), of the set, only one has the intention (so far) to represent themselves as electors so that their taxes are closer to their efforts toward sustaining their unique identity, as Persons. But Cyprus does exist, Cypriots exist, as Cypriots, even if the overwhelming majority are Greek, they are connected to a world that speaks English.

...something to think about. Especially since the world's Ethnosphere is shrinking more rapidly than our Ecosphere. And as stewards of this island's Heritance, we have responsibilities which go beyond such Modern roots as "Turkishness", or "Greekness", in fact the crossroad to three Continents, and a History which dates back much further, our strength has always been, as facilitators of exchange.

Maronite, the Arabic they speak is one of Cyprus' Official Languages. Correct me if I am wrong; although it would be nice if in Cyprus, Institutionally, we can make our Languages transparent, easy to translate, to and from each other because extended to other languages, new frontiers open to us, too.

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