Sunday, February 14, 2016

Leaders meet, discuss disparities (Update 1)


...i am waiting as patiently as i can. It is entirely possible that the Leadership knows the pitfalls we fear, from what little said there is this glimmer of hope, they realise that when it comes down to a vote, it must be reasoned, principled, clear, and easy to understand.
While the idea of flying the Flag of Cyprus remains foreign to some, in Cyprus, I suggest it is the medicine that is needed. Only if we are willing to defend each other as such will we truly send the message that as Cypriots, Freedom is our goal. I will give these men credit, who negotiate the Problem, having to work in what is essentially a vacuum, without the support one would expect in such a brave endeavour; from "us" what have they to hear?
...make the effort, wherever you are, on your car, at work on your desk, in front of your home, travelling around the island, at the beach sitting under its shade, show you care, and what you care for with the hope that more will share the same joy, that Cyprus has a Flag, and that you, you as in all of you, love Cyprus.

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