Friday, February 05, 2016

Erdogan’s new sultanate


...I look forward to Mr. Erdogan's turnaround on Cyprus. It is expected soon. Everything seems to be fitting in place for the recognition that Cypriots exist, that they are not, "Turks" and "Greeks" (read: not "Turks"), they are, without any further discrimination or distinction, simply Cypriots.
If he wants the support of Turkey's minorities, the Kurds, and the Alevi, (never mind the Christians or the Armenians, of Turkey, (or the esteem of the rest of the world)), if he wants Peace at home, if he wants to leave a legacy that unites the Turkish people, he will offer them this hope. Like in Cyprus, a BBF, where Cypriots are Cypriots, Free and Equal, as Individuals, and at another level of government, Constituencies, the self representation of Individuals as Persons, will exist, where as a majority, electors will sustain an Agenda, and their distinct identity, while as Constituencies they can demonstrate their respect and recognition for the minorities that live amongst them accordingly, as Persons, too.
Mr. Erdogan may want everyone in Turkey to speak Turkish, this is understandable, but, it seems to me, that he is ignoring Turkey's diversity as an ethnos, and as a valuable Heritance, by defining "Turkishness" where, if you are not "Turkish", one cannot be a Turk.
...i suspect that if Mr. Erdogan continues, without a change in his intentions, he will find himself even more isolated, that the "New Turkey" he imagines, will be a much smaller place.

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