Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Catch 22 that keeps Cyprus divided


Just once, I would like to see Mr. Akinci stand beside the Flag of Cyprus. I would like to hear him once say, "I am Cypriot, first". Trust, and respect are needed; so too, called for.

Whether there is only one, two, three, or more Constituent states, in Cyprus, in my mind is secondary to the principal that as Cypriots, our Principals are Universal. There is one Cyprus, we are Cypriots, Greek or Turkish, Maronite or Armenian for that matter, as Persons, the need is equal, an ability to sustain these distinct identities in Liberty. Freedom is not Liberty, Freedom does not make these distinctions of ethnicity or race, gender, religion, or age, Freedom makes no distinction, or discrimination at all, Freedom is our Individual Rights, and what we as Individuals can do to defend it (them). There is no such thing as "Greek" Freedom, "Turkish" Freedom (from "Greek" Freedom) is no less a fraud, because only when we rise above our "Greekness" and our "Turkishness", is there the presence of mind to see Cyprus as Cyprus, as a Cypriot whole, and where, as Human Beings, we choose to better ourselves; the Freedom of choice, so that as Persons we thrive.

There is no equal to the Turkish Constituency, because a Greek Constituency, at this moment, (does not exist, and) sees no benefit in the self-representation that comes from it. Never the less, a Turkish Constituency can exist (and have a Territorial Jurisdiction) within the context of a set of Cypriot Constituencies, and while such a Constituency may sit alone, now, it is up to this Constituency to demonstrate its usefulness to the others, toward the future. It, is no equal to the Republic. Without this clear understanding, and a demonstration of it, the difference between, "being" a Person and/or an Individual, will remain unresolved. And the problem that is the Problem, that there is a difference between the words, Freedom and Liberty, that the Problem is not an Issue between "Greeks" and "Turks", but in defining words like, Nation, and State, will also remain.

One Flag of Turkey flies over Turkey. One Flag of Cyprus flies over Cyprus.
How is that so hard to understand?

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