Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why there are fresh hopes of a united Cyprus



...let's remember that the "Greeks", and the "Turks" we talk about, in Cyprus, have not been murdering each other for the most part, they have been murdering Cypriots, as Cypriots, for being Cypriot, over all these years.
Cypriots are not "Turks", and what is not "Turkish", called "Greek". Cypriots did not abandon their homes, there is no "Turkish north", and "Greek south", there are Cypriots who seek their Freedom, as Individuals, while as Persons there are those for their own Liberty who deny them.
While Mr. Anastasiades is the President of the Republic, and Mr. Akinci is the Leader of the Turkish Constituency, as their President, they are not equals politically. There is a big difference. While the Flag of Cyprus, among the Flags of countries like Turkey and England, makes sense (to me). What is the Turkish Army's regime in the illegally occupied north, can only hope that they may demonstrate a benefit within, to Cypriots, from sustaining their distinct identity through self-representation, as a Cypriot Constituency, alone at the moment with this intention, but one of a set of Constituencies which could be.
...Canada comes to mind, when thinking BBF, and the USA. Both are Bicommunal, both are Bizonal, both are Federations, and both are successful as such.

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