Sunday, April 24, 2016

Editorial: A bottom-up solution


...i would like to find Cypriots who fly the Flag of Cyprus, north, to do my shopping, some of it, at least, with them. (I know there are some, as brave, there must be more as willing.) Buying local is making a statement. It is an act that sustains our economy, and a way of life. If we make the effort to seek each other out, this too will make a big difference in how we will be treated, as Cypriots, rather than as "Greeks", and "Turks"; there is a difference.
...i have said it before, i will say it again, for our Leaders to be inspired, let them look out their windows, and their limousines, and see, the Flag of Cyprus, proudly flown, where we work, our homes, on our cars, and among the crowds at civic holidays; it is up to us, as Cypriots: not as Jews, or Christians, or Muslims, not as Romans, Arabs, Turks, or Greeks, not as English or Sri Lankan, not as Russian, not as Persons, not as Gays, not as Atheists, but as Individuals, without any further distinction or discrimination.
...Cypriots exist. The best way to demonstrate this fact, if you ask me, is to fly the Flag of Cyprus.

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