Saturday, April 30, 2016

Work on Turkey water pipeline to resume May 15


...who is doing this work, who is paying for it, when will it be completed?
...years now, no clear answers, and I wonder, who is this project really for; why have I never heard of a Cypriot, other than the regime's spokesperson(s), who can point to a benefit Cypriots have already enjoyed: a greater capacity somehow, a success, in education, research, construction know-how...
...I ask myself, other than a lot of money being spent, that is Turkish taxpayer money, what has Turkey, and more precisely Erdogan's Turkey, done to make this project of the century, a "Turkish" product, something to be proud of.
At this point, who cares? It is obviously not being built to relieve the thirst there is today, that could have been done in any number of ways already. What have Cypriots to say about it, Turkish, or Greek, nothing, only because they are ignored, divided the way they are, impotent.
...the water is for cucumbers, to be fair, mostly. And of course, for profit, if you are "Turkish" enough.
(it is for the rest, of us, who are expected to accept "their" price, and pay)

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