Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Eastern Mediterranean starting to resemble disputed South China Sea


...all eyes are on Cyprus, let's remember that it is part of a bigger picture for Erdogan's Turkey.

He intends to rule the sea from the shores of Greece to Syria, and down to Egypt. What with his new submarines, and the efforts he has made in Turkey to build a military-industrial complex, this intention he is sure to escalate.

...Exxon will drill without the interruption that ENI suffered, i suspect, because it will deflect the anxiety that is building with Turkey's offensive behaviour on the issue of Cyprus, and on his refusal to respect UNCLOS as law.

Indeed, in six months, he will be that much closer to elections, and in an election campaign. Exxon (and Qatar) will be back later this summer, so too other companies like ENI; one hopes by then Cypriots can show their resolve to effect changes to the status quo where Turkish Cypriots, by changing their intention, may choose as an alternative to "Turkishness", a Cypriot way: "being" Cypriot, being Turkish, being Greek, an end to the Problem, something to emulate toward providing Hope to those not "Turkish" (but Turkish), in Turkey.

...and if not, the challenge will still be there, without a change in Erdogan's intentions: Turkey at War. It will have grown by then. Syria, Iraq, Greece, to name a few who make great efforts toward that end, never mind the same belligerence he has expressed toward Egypt, (Israel), (Russia), the EU, and the USA.

...unlike the China Sea, there is no Treaty of Lausanne, after so long, ignored, and contested.

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