Monday, March 12, 2018

Our View: Anastasiades is taking the cowardly path to partition


...if Mr. Akinci is a Cypriot, and not "Turkish", if he has the courage to expose Mr. Anastasiades as a "Greek", let him stand under the Flag of Cyprus, let him give Hope to the other half, voters like those who elected him.

...i expect more from Mr. Akinci, i expect no less from the President of Cyprus.

Let their wives' prepare the souvla, let them sit and eat in Peace. Let them recall who they are when they toast each other's good health.

Cypriots are Cypriots. They may be Turkish, they are not "Greeks", the question remains if they are "Turks". Or if as Turks, they can represent themselves as equals under Universal Principals, not as a Nation alone, but within a State.

...if i may suggest to the Labour movement, it is the Flag that counts. Pride is a worker's greatest asset, nothing adds more to a work's finish. Nothing like this Pride in a Flag, to spread its message. Let's see some pride in the Flag of Cyprus, across Cyprus. Dare, be Cypriot. Dare "them" to look out their windows, this Flag crowding out what others may fly. Who lacks courage?

...dare, Mr. Akinci, to return to Cypriots the Legislature they have to represent themselves as Cypriots by filling its empty seats. Dare, Mr. Anastasiades, to have Greek representatives waiting in the Communal Chamber, where, as Constituencies they meet. has always been up to Mr. Akinci, in affect, and in effect. .

For Cypriots, dare. For Cyprus, win. I would say to them at that dinner table.

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