Sunday, March 04, 2018

UN official takes stock during Cyprus contacts


...i am glad to see that Mr. Lacroix took the time to see those found, from the missing.

...let him remember that the UN has unfinished business here, that those troops under his command cannot die in vain, and that while the Problem has become a problem, those who need his help the most remain silent, silenced like the corpses he saw; not "Greeks", not "Turks", Cypriots for "being" Cypriots.

Let him remember that the "Green Line" that extended to Berlin and to Lebanon remains, and that if this line remains as it is in Cyprus, there is no Peace.

...if there are to be changes to UNFICYP, let them demonstrate this fact, despite the existence of "Greeks" and "Turks" in Cyprus, Cypriots exist; who need help.

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