Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cyprus :: Peace in Cyprus. - Page 10

Cyprus :: Peace in Cyprus. - Page 10


vp, i still don't think you understand (in my Cyprus) how you will vote, typically how anyone votes.

as a voter, you will vote for your five representatives: Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Maronite, and an Independant for the Lower House.

how the Federal structure will work can be defined by what is an Individual Right, and what are Personal Liberties, the domain of the Constituencies.

for example, the Federal Government enacts Legislation that is an Educational Standard for all Citizens, the Constituencies would apply this Law in a manner which serves its Electors and their Educational System.

another, each Constituency would have a Civil Structure of Equal Power, but quite different: Police, Health, Social, Land, etc. while, the Federal Government has these responsibilities, to defend as Universal Principals, as well as Criminal Law, Legal Registries, and matters of State.

...can you see how your vote at the Federal level and the Constituent level are powerful tools?

...have you figured out why i harp about a population of 11 million? identifying the "Greeks" and the "Turks" amongst us as each set's issue, (and where Hate when it is Identified, is a Crime against us all,) by standing united because we are more than just "Greeks" and "Turks", as Cypriots, we are Individuals and Human Beings, we can live as Greeks, and as Turks; do you see that?

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