Monday, September 03, 2012

The DOCUMENTARY "MEMORIES" the purest sense Piratis your argument is sound.

in the sense that Bicommunal has no clear meaning, a "Turkish" idea or not, our responsibility is to the rest of Mankind, as Individuals, to demonstrate something we design for ourselves, as Cypriots, which enriches the world because it can be held in high esteem and emulated. futuristically, i am proposing to go beyond what is the Truth, and what vp resists so fondly, something where Cyprus in two hundred years sustains itself, perhaps in a desert of global warming with a population quite different in demographics and size. i repeat myself, there is a Cypriot Republic, and there is a Turkish Constituency, where is the Greek Constituency? (and why not Armenian, Maronite, and Latin Constituencies as well.)

where vp ignores a Federal Government, i say, where is the Greek state? consider that, my suggestion, because it solves both vp and your anxieties.

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