Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cyprus :: Peace in Cyprus. - Page 7

Cyprus :: Peace in Cyprus. - Page 7

"...the plot"

indeed a story concocted in Turkey.

...just the facts, take a look around you.

what Cypriots built from one third of the population homeless is really quite astounding, don't you think?
...even though they are the "Greeks".

what have the "Turks" done in the mean time? how is it, despite the embargo, that such a tiny population have become parasites, according to their founder/benefactor, a State many many many times bigger, and willfully defending "Turkishness" against what is not "Turkish" enough?
...what is it that the north's population is not doing, are they not "Turkish" enough, what can they do?

at some point, you too vp, will say asiktir to "them", or die. question is, do you love Cyprus, this land, more than being Turkish?

as for Greeks as a majority, it is irrelevant, it is the minorities which hold the sway in a Democracy. what is more important is an end to the corruption, when we, united as a population are not so easily subjected to this myth, "Turks" are helpless in a Cyprus whose majority are fanatics and "Greek".

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