Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Cyprus :: Asil Nadir found guilty. - Page 6


Cyprus :: Asil Nadir found guilty. - Page 6

...the Ambassador forgets the beginning, with its black operations where Turkish Cypriots were sacrificed for Turkey's gain. the enclaves which followed, and the forced movements are not so clear, based on the same motives; lovely how the line follows so closely, the Acheson Plan.

...the same can be said for his opinion of "the Truth", Cyprus is Occupied, it offends all Cypriots equally, what is right and what is wanted are two different things in this matter; i applaud The Guardian, more of the Press should end their lazy way of talking, "Greek Cyprus", or "Northern Cyprus", because it is offensive to all Mankind, untrue and an insult, not just to this island's dwellers.

...and ridiculous as it is to say it, Turkey, that deep state and its wanttobe's, is to blame, even for this man, Asil Nadir.

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