Friday, February 03, 2017

Cyprus can be reunified, if Turkey’s president allows it (2)


...thank-you for the reply.

I ask you to recall Koray Basogrultmacı and Cinel Senem Husseyin, they are Cypriots. Until last year it was "illegal" to fly the Flag of Cyprus in the occupied north; thanks to them, this is no longer a "truth".

Petros Souppouris, was he a "Greek", Hussein Akansoy, was he a "Turk"? Clearly not, although they are survivors of despicable events where "Greeks", and "Turks", murdered those not "them".

Who in the rest of the world can sit comfortably while the Eastern Mediterranean is being torn to pieces? Things are not fine, just the way they are. In Cyprus, the Problem, represents, or at least it should represent, an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment as Human beings to Universal Principals, ('our' as in, Cypriots, Turks, and the rest of the world alike,) and to define more clearly words like, State, and Nation, or, Person and Individual, Liberty, and Freedom, in such a manner where these efforts, held in such high esteem may be emulated.

This is the compromise, "Greeks" made, for Peace, from a Unitary state, to a BBF; a State representing Unitary values. It remains, in affect, up to Erdogan to see the value in this for himself, in Turkey, if Cypriots are given this chance, to decide for themselves.

Cypriots still exist despite the efforts against them, (so do Universal Principals); this is not the time to doubt who is the "us", and who is the "them".

In Turkey, as in Cyprus, with Constitutional reform, one may bring change to the other.

...and, as in Turkey, you do (read: should) not have to be "Turkish" to be Turkish.

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