Monday, February 13, 2017

Conceptual change in military thinking required for Cyprus breakthrough


I have said it before, and I will say it again:

...a Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided.

The Problem, the Cyprus Problem, is Turkey's Problem. In effect, the Problem's solution must be "perfect". Without such a solution, there is no template, something held in such high esteem, that it is emulated. Such as it is, in Cyprus, to solve their issues, for fifty years, Turkey has sought to define "Turkishness", by exclusion of the rest (read: "Greeks"); this failed, with its culmination, when the Annan plan was rejected. And while there are "Greeks" in Cyprus, against "Turks", in Cyprus, the "Kurds" and the "Alevi" continue to grow uneasy in Turkey as well...

Respect, Trust, Recognition, are words that come to mind; that while Cyprus and Turkey have been adversaries for so long, they have proved themselves to be equals better suited working as equals together, and not against each other. What is true for Cyprus, is true for Turkey. What is true for Cypriots, is true for Turks. If we are to be divided, "our" side, the "others", the debate is flawed as it is, because the enemy is Ignorance (our own); there are those who are Loving, and there are those who are not. In any case, none of these "identities" are monolithic, "minorities" as such exist in them, there is no getting around that either, "security-wise".

(at some point "they" must identify themselves as "some", in a larger "one")

I have Faith in Mankind. I count on the "standing man". In their silence volumes of words for Erdogan's Turkey to hear, that "Turks" are not Turks, when even this voice is silenced.

Indeed, a change of intentions is needed. The recognition that as Nations the world has become so small, States exist; that beside "being" Persons, as Individuals, (Lest we Forget,) we must be willing to defend each other, without discrimination or distinction, and for the Universal Principals on which such thinking is based.

Such a BBF is possible; in Cyprus and in Turkey. Erdogan, by saying, "One Cyprus, One Turkey", may demonstrate this courage to the world, but more importantly, for him, to his constituency, and to the People of Turkey. If Turkey is not "Turkish", Cyprus is not "Greek", in a counter-intuitive kind of way, this makes sense. He may choose to make it so. If there is a "Greek Constituency", in Cyprus, among a set of Cypriot Constituencies, a set of Turkish Constituencies, in Turkey, is not so hard to perceive.

Recognition of Cyprus, a Cyprus that is an ally, is power; but first Erdogan must exhaust the possibilities he has for a Legacy, beyond the Treaty of Lausanne, in a "new Turkey". Cyprus, as Turkey's National issue, has been kept alive as an issue for moments like these. I am hoping that he has the will to leave a Turkey whole and stronger. With Cyprus, ("his", or not,) he has this possibility. excellently prepared opinion Mr. Riza; thank-you. We failed ourselves as Cypriots, allowing ourselves to be divided. This is true. Being divided is unnatural, this has been demonstrated. We are, not "Greek", and not "Turkish", as Cypriots, the other half. A "new Cyprus" is not the needed remedy therefore, but a Cyprus reformed, because Cypriots exist, still, despite the efforts for so long, of those, "Greek", and those, "Turkish", in their denial of them. It is a 'new Enosis' that is needed, for security: beyond the EU, beyond the historical antithesis, despite "it", Cypriots united toward a Cypriot way.

For our security, as Cypriots, "being" Cypriot first, counts a lot more, Cyprus being an island after-all.

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