Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Akinci: Two preconditions before returning to Cyprus talks



…i ask Mr. Akinci to stand beside Mr. Anastasiades, when he proclaims his own disapproval of the extremists which live among us. They should both be standing in front of the Flag of Cyprus when that photo is taken.

…if the Leaders want to send a clear message who and what they are working for, they must rise above what is a “Greek”/”Turk” Agenda. Cyprus exists, and Cypriots still exist despite the efforts to remove this notion from the debate. Both Leaders should remember who voted for them: Cypriots; not “Greeks”, and not “Turks”.

…indeed, it was not that long ago, that flying the Flag of Cyprus, was “illegal”. Thanks to the Courts, for Cypriots of Turkish origin living in the occupied north, it is no longer the case. As Mr. Alper has suggested, such a decision would have a meaning far more profound, based on a ruling from the Judiciary, much more long lasting, for a Cypriot way, exposing those against respect and a Rule of Law, to Justice.

In my mind this is just another great opportunity for men of Leadership, as Statesmen, to lead against harmful populist demands, by demonstrating that their eyes are on a bigger picture, as a Human kind.

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