Thursday, February 23, 2017

Turkish FM: Turkey’s military rights still needed in Cyprus


...likely, (as in the United States), there will be from the Judiciary, a decision which will define the legality of this legislation, so offensive to some, in a far more profound and lasting way, for Cypriots, and a Cypriot way; so it should be, especially since, DISY, what is effectively the President's ruling Party, declined to make their vote the deciding factor by abstaining. 
I suggest, to Mr. Cavusoglu if he wants to make comparisons of equals, he may consider his own Leader, Mr. Erdogan, the equal to Mr. Anastasiades, both Leaders of Countries where their Citizenship represents an ethnos, and not mono-clonal societies of "Turks", or "Greeks", where, their diversity as Persons is evident, and where recognition and respect as Individuals, beyond these Nations, must unite them in defending the Principals of their State.  
...while Mr. Akinci cannot be found standing with the Flag of Cyprus in any photograph, he has the added pleasure to be representing "Turkishness", that which is not "Greekness". Mr. Anastasiades, does not have the same luxury. While he, may be representing what is called the "Greek Community" at the negotiations, he is the President of Cyprus, and as such the representative of all Cypriots.  
...if Cyprus remains divided, Turkey will remain divided. A united Cyprus brings hope, and not the Army, not just in Turkey, but throughout the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, where a template is sought to emulate politically. Thus, Cyprus is not "Greek", nor Turkey, "Turkish"; within these States, as BBF's, their Constituencies may find from such Constitutional Reform, Freedom better secured, without distinction or discrimination, as a Citizenship united in defending each other, and Liberty from the capacity self-representation may bring, at another level of Government, toward sustaining their distinct identities.  
...what fans insecurity, is equal and opposing extremes having justified in their own thinking "victory", to do more extremes.

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