Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Cyprus Fears Russian Meddling in Its Settlement Talks



Dearest Editors,

It is a big disappointment for me to have this obligation; correcting the contents of your post.

Cyprus Exists. There are such a people called Cypriots. Their Government seeks to reform itself, so that, from a Unitary state, it evolves to a Bicommunal Bizonal Federation (BBF): for their Citizens Individual Rights and Freedom without distinction or discrimination, and,  as Citizens,  Liberty as Persons in sustaining their own distinct identities
…it is not so hard to understand. America is a BBF.

Can you imagine in America, that in some States, the people must contest judiciously the right to flying the American Flag? Can you imagine that by force of arms a minority takes control over a part of America, what is not “them” expelled? Can you imagine forces equal to America, other countries, when they choose to, to occupy American soil? Hard to believe, hard to accept, isn’t it?

Cypriots exist. They are the other half, as I like to call them. Let us all remember them, let us not deny their existence. That they died at the hands of “Greeks” and “Turks”, for the most part, in Cyprus, is clear, because the “Greeks” and the “Turks” were not killing each other, but those  not “Greek”, not “Turkish”, for “being” Cypriot. We fail ourselves, if we betray them, and as a People their existence.

…it’s like saying, ‘Black-american’, ‘German-american’; seriously.

Your Map in this article is a very poor representation of facts. It is offensive on many levels.

My hope is that you will correct this map, (and the thinking which goes along with it,) to reflect the facts: There exists, the, Republic of Cyprus, and in the north there remains the territory, Occupied by the Turkish Army.

There are no “deals” on Universal Principals; Lest we Forget.

…"it", should stop in Cyprus; the world is not, “Turkish”, and, not “Turkish”.

yours respectfully,


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